Accomodation/School Life

Student Dormitory

Please inquire us on our student dormitory.

Fee: Deposit¥20,000  Application¥30,000  Regular Fee¥30,000~¥40,000

School life

Be cheerful, be happy, and be energetic!"...both in learning and living

We will take a good care of each student not only for their academics but also
for a fun-filled life in Japan. We will help your dream come true.

Annual Schedule

Year plan
April Commencement
Orientation (studying/living in Japan)
Class start
May Sports Day
JuneExamination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
After school enrichment
JulySummer class
September Counseling
October Commencement for October students
Health check-up
November Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
DecemberJapanese Language Proficiency Test
January Individual Hokkaido home stay
FebruaryAcademic counseling
March Spring supplementary class

A typical day of a student

07:00Getting up◎Ms. A cooks breakfast and dinner at the dormitory.

◎She is enjoying her class.

◎She eats lunch from local “convenience store”, and chats with her friends.

◎She will go to work by bike.

◎She does homework and study for tomorrow’s class, takes shower and goes to bed.
08:25Leaving home
08:45Arriving at school
09:00School starts
13:00School ends
14:00Studying at library
16:00Part-time job
20:30Coming home Dinner and bath
23:00Going to bed

Part-time job

This is officially called “activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted”, since the status of residence is ”student”
To work immediately after coming to Japan is not very realistic. You will need to get used to the new life and customs. You will need certain language proficiency to be able to work. School will take 5 hours of your day, in addition to review and homework outside of classroom. If you would like to look for a part-time job, we suggest to do so after 3 months of arrival in Japan. Remember, your priority is study.

Conditions to engage in an activity other than that permitted by the status of residence previously granted


Students are allowed to work for up to 1 week 28 hours.
(Long-term holiday period is one day within 8 hours)

Type of Work

Not all kinds of work are allowed; working at sex shops, Pachinko, bars etc. is not permitted. If you violate this rule, you will be deported.


For example) Monthly living expense in Japan

Expenses (Example)
Rent(Dormitory) ¥30,000〜¥40,000
Utility ¥7,000
Others ¥10,000
Meals ¥25,000
Total(except tuition) ¥72,000~¥82,000
Income (Example)

Kitchen, Hall, Cleaning, Reception
Computer, Design
Condition:Ability to handle daily conversation
Hourly Rate: ¥1,000 and up
(28 hours per week)×4week
Total: ¥112,000 and up